20 Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree ($100k+)

Many high-paying jobs don’t require a college degree; you only need a  high school diploma to start working in some of these well-paying  positions.

Whether you’re just starting your career, looking for a change, or can’t afford tuition fees, read on for some great ideas!

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft.

Air Traffic Controller

Construction managers plan, direct, coordinate, and oversee the  activities of workers on the site to ensure they adhere to safety  regulations.

Construction Site Manager

Web developers create and maintain websites and are responsible for  the design, layout, and content. They also create and implement  web-based applications.

Web Developer

Commercial divers work on construction projects, inspect bridges and pipelines, and conduct research underwater.

Commercial Diver

Power plant operators are responsible for controlling and maintaining the machinery that generates electricity.

Power Plant Operator

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