How the Honey App Makes Money While Saving You Money

For the uninitiated, Honey is an online shopping tool that helps users lock in the best deals possible on products while they shop.

It is a browser extension you can install that automatically searches the web for better deals on anything you may be buying.

While you shop, it automatically searches its deep database for cheaper options. In doing so, it cuts out all the work of several separate cost-cutting measures on your purchase:

How Does Honey Work

– Searching for coupons and promo code – Comparison shopping across thousands of online retailer – Comparing Amazon sellers for the best deals within the platform

Rather than collecting all of its pricing and deal information from various merchants as an independent third party, Honey partners directly with its merchants.

So, How Does Honey Make Money

These partner retailers then pay Honey a small portion of their proceeds when Honey brings them business, i.e., your business.

In the online marketing community, this is a common practice known as affiliate marketing.

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