How Jeff Makes $1,000+ Per Year With Online Surveys

I got the chance to interview Jeff Cooper all about his side hustle with  online surveys.

That’s why I was so interested to interview Jeff. He has used online surveys to make over $10,000 in the last 6 years!

There’s a lot of debate on whether you can really make money with surveys.

"I do online surveys and micro tasks to make extra cash in my down time."

Tell us a little about your side hustle.

"Mostly to have some extra cash to use toward investing, or to save up for a bigger purchase to offset the cost a bit."

What made you want to start taking online surveys?

"I probably started about six years ago. I had a job with a lot of down time and wanted a way to better utilize my time."

How and when did you get started?

"I don’t have exact numbers but over the course of the past six years, it’s easily over $10,000."

How much money have you made with online survey sites?

"I’d say for most people you can expect to make at least $50 a month combined"

What can someone expect to make?

"No costs except your time, just  sign up!"

What are the costs involved to get started?