No Income Tax States: How to Benefit from Geo-Arbitrage

Taxes are something that people are more than likely to complain about,  and they see them as the way the government takes away from their  hard-earned money.

A way to accomplish having a lower tax bill is to live in a state with  no income taxes. As of 2021, nine states are considered no income tax  states.

– Alaska – Florida – Nevada – New Hampshire – South Dakota – Tennessee – Texa – Washington – Wyoming

States With No Income Tax

You do not need to pay income taxes on your income, which means you can  keep more of your money and use the savings to invest the money.

Why Move to One of the No Income Tax States?

The perception is that the less income tax you pay, the more you can save. That is true in that assumption.

Does Living in a No Income Tax State Save You Money?

Four of the top ten states with the most  substantial economic projections are those states that do not have an  income tax.

Are States With No Income Tax Outperforming the Other State?

The tax rates levied on your income can affect how you think about where  you want to live, and you will need to determine your situation.

Final thoughts:

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