How to Do Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

Who loves a good souvenir? Who hates spending an arm and a leg on purchasing said souvenir?

Bargain shopping while abroad can be one of the most fun and satisfying things you do during your travels.

Why? Because even though, when you do all the monetary conversions, you’re not paying that much in dollars,

you want to get a fair price for where you are.

The issue with being a foreigner is that you’re a target for scams and cheats.

This is especially true on long trips as your money will run out super fast.

What Does Bargain Shopping Entail?

When I speak of “bargaining” I mean “haggling”. This means that you don’t have to, nor should you, pay the price you are given.

What Can You Bargain For?

If you’re in an area that allows for bargain shopping, you can price haggle for any item being sold there. This includes food, clothing, etc.

I’d like to share some general “rules of thumb” when you go bargain shopping in foreign countries.

How Can You Try For The Best Bargain?

You want to find anything related to markets, night markets, weekend markets, etc.

Rule #1: Ask the locals where they go

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