How to Find a Pokémon Card’s Value

If you were a Pokémon fiend back in the day, you might want to scourge through your parents’ basement to find your long-lost collection.

Many factors contribute to the value of a Pokémon card. To ensure you’re not sitting on a rare card worth thousands of dollars, you’ll need to know how to figure out each card’s worth. Let’s get into it.

Figuring out the set the card originated from helps you separate your cards into piles of high-value sets and lower-value sets. Typically, the older the set, the higher the value.

Determine the Card’s Set

Each Pokémon card is marked with a symbol to display its rarity level to players. Sorting your cards by rarity is a great way to filter out the less valuable cards from your collection.

Examine the Card’s Rarity Symbol

Pokémon card collectors know that “Shadowless” cards are more valuable than those with a shadow because these were produced in limited quantities by Wizards of the Coast.

Check for a Shadow

Take a look at the very bottom of the card, slightly to the left of the card number. If it says “Wizards of the Coast” or “1999-2000 Wizards,” this card could be worth some money.

When Was It Made?

The best way to determine a card’s condition is to send it off to a third-party grading service. However, those services typically charge a hefty fee, so it’s only worthwhile to rely on them for cards you know will bring in the big bucks.

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