How To Find Junkyards Near Me?

If you are in the market for used car parts or looking to sell your junk cars, you’re in need of a quick rundown on junkyards.

There will likely be many options nearby, and each local auto salvage yard or car flipping dealer has unique services and amenities, but how will you know which is most suitable?

Types of Junkyard

Self-Service: Cars are out in the open, waiting for you to search, find and remove the part yourself. The yard should have a list of locations for all the vehicles and state whether a car has been ‘well picked’ (i.e., had many of its parts removed).

Full-Service: This is the next level up, where the parts have already been removed and stored, ready for you to collect.

Online: Similar to Full-Service is a website-only option for you to search for the part and have it shipped directly to you. (Generally, this is the most expensive option.)

What’s The Best Junkyard?

The best junkyard for you is the one with the part you need at a price you are willing to pay. But as you search, look for factors that will increase your chances of locating the correct parts.

What To Expect When You Get There

The first thing to note is that some junkyards will charge you an entry fee to ensure they make a little, even if you don’t pull or purchase a part. Usually, it’s less than $10.

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