How to Save Money on Self-Care

I’ve listed some everyday self-care experiences. All of them are budget-friendly and meant to give you ideas for how you could incorporate more self-care into your routine without spending $199 per month.

Spa Day at Home

Go to any drug store or even Sephora and buy yourself those face mask packets and some nail polish. No, it’s not as satisfying to do these things by yourself, so if you need it, get a friend to come over so you can do each other. Total cost at home: approximately $20

The total cost of going outside or exercising at home – free. Day passes at the gym: ~$10. Only join if you know you’ll use it!

Physical Activities

Giving yourself a getaway is the epitome of self-care, especially if you can take a solo trip.

Budget Traveling

Sometimes what we need is to escape the four walls that confine our daily lives. – Go to a local park and/or have a picnic – Visit your local hiking trail

Getting Out of the House

This is probably one of the hardest things to do, yet the most necessary. While its important to “say Yes” to the things that will help you, its just as important to say “No” to the things that don’t.

Say No

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