How To Sell Your Junk Car Without The Title: 8 Steps

While it’s true that not having a title can be a red flag to many buyers, oftentimes, there’s a perfectly logical explanation as to why it’s missing.

In many cases, it is illegal to attempt to sell a car without a title. However, as long as the reason for the lack of a title is legitimate, you will still be able to sell your vehicle.

If the vehicle’s title is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can contact your local DMV and request a new one.

Step One: Request a Replacement Title

Some states offer alternative ways to title a vehicle if it is abandoned. In some places, you can file a mechanic’s lien for any unpaid maintenance bills stacked against the car.

Step Two: Explore Local Exemptions or Other Titling Options

Notarizing the bill will give the new buyer a sense of security that the information provided about the vehicle is legitimate.

Step Three: Have Your Bill of Sale Notarized

Sometimes, selling your used vehicle to another individual isn’t possible. If you come to this conclusion, you can always attempt to sell it as a salvage car.

Step Four: Explore Alternative Selling Options

If you cannot obtain a title for the vehicle, which could happen with older project cars, be upfront and honest with any potential buyers that you cannot provide proper documentation.

Step Five: Be Honest With Potential Buyers

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