Is Remote Work Killing The American Dream?

A new study reveals that remote work is responsible for a spike in housing costs across the country, accounting for more than half of the total increase in prices after the pandemic.

The Great Reshuffling shows no signs of slowing down, making some people question the myth of the American Dream.

As Americans navigate the aftershock of the Covid-19 pandemic, battling inflation, violence, and new viruses,  the housing market is not immune to crisis.

Remote Work & The Housing Market

Some evidence suggests that a shift to remote work has led to higher home prices. 

Remote Work & The Housing Market 

With remote work leading to higher home prices in a country plagued by inflation, many Americans question  the American Dream’s basic pillars. 

A Dream Perpetually Deferred

“Hedge funds buying up the housing market to create a generation of renters is more anti-American than any brutal dictator or communist regime.”

A Dream Perpetually Deferred

Remote work is “revamping the concept that was muddled,” Eyal Pasternak told us. “Remote work promotes equality,” he believes.

Searching For a New Optimism 

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