5 Everyday Items Most Didn’t Know Were Invented by the Military


Most of us take many daily devices for granted. The appliances and tools we take for granted were once life-changing items hundreds of years ago.

That being said, many of these tools and products were invented by our Military program. These items were intended to keep our soldiers safe, but eventually led to making our day-to-day life easier.

The next time you have a cookout on your patio this summer, thank the Military for your precious bug spray.

Aerosol Bug Spray

How many of you knew that the crunchy Cheetos treat that most people associate with lounging on the couch was invented for soldiers of WW II? It’s true.


Duct Tape

Almost everyone has a roll of trusty duct tape in their garage or junk drawer. Once again, you credit the Military for inventing this multi-functional tool.

Back in the 1940s, Japan had invaded Malaysia, thus cutting off ties with the U.S. for valuable resources like rubber.

Silly Putty

Frozen juice concentrates are widely popular today, but WW II soldiers referred to the first generation of these products as ‘battery acid.’

Frozen Juice Concentrate

The famous 4×4 vehicle was invented by the Military in 1940 to satisfy the need for a lightweight reconnaissance vehicle.

The Jeep

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