12 Truly Masculine Professions That Prove You’re a “Real Man”

Jobs for Men:

What does it mean to be a manly man in today’s world? The definition may vary from person to person, but certain professions have long been associated with masculinity.

From the rugged and physically demanding to the nurturing and selfless, these professions embody qualities that members of an online community deem traditionally masculine.

One user mentions that being a real man means raising your children well and respecting your wife. It doesn’t get any more masculine than this!

Raising Champions: Being a Good Father

As one person points out, anything which includes being broody and emotionally withdrawn is just manly! Why be vulnerable when you can be mysterious and broody?

Caped Crusader: The Brooding Hero

A woman admits she finds it incredibly cute when she sees a guy cook and take care of his space.

Domestic Dynamo: Tackling Chores with Masculine Grace

Underground miners, linemen, smelters, welders, you name it! These workers are the most hardcore laborers that help us access resources from the comfort of our homes. 

Power and Grit in the Workforce

Men fighting other men for entertainment is perhaps the most quintessentially masculine thing one can do. At least, that’s what the Romans thought.

From Arena to Legend: Gladiatorial Masculinity

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