10 Jobs That Will Be “Long Gone” in 10 Years

Thanks to Our AI Overlords

I asked ChatGPT to give me the top ten jobs that would be replaced by AI first, and it happily wrote up the list. While some of the jobs are not surprising as they can be easily automated, some seem a bit of a stretch.

Nevertheless, ChatGPT is confident in its ability to come after your job.

Data Entry Clerks

AI-powered OCR technology can read handwriting and convert it into digital text, making data entry clerks redundant.


AI-powered accounting software can automatically reconcile accounts, track expenses, and generate financial reports.


With advancements in natural language processing (NLP) technology, AI-powered software can now do this task more accurately and efficiently than humans.


AI-powered chatbots can now handle customer inquiries and even make sales on behalf of companies.

Bank Tellers

Mobile banking allows customers to handle transactions on their own, while AI-powered chatbots can handle customer inquiries.

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