15 Once-Prestigious Jobs That Are Now Gone Forever

“No Job Is Safe”

While some jobs have lasted through the ages with slight upgrades and modifications, others have become obsolete.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of 15 jobs that are no longer part of the present-day labor force.

Nowadays, people can capture, edit, and print their photos digitally without relying on specialized film development skills. And with iPhones and Pixel devices? Who needs ancient technology?

Camera Film Developer

Human Alarm Clock (Knocker-Upper)

Yes, this is a thing. Well, it was. Can you imagine getting paid to wake people before alarm clocks were invented? Well, that’s what the human alarm clock, or knocker-upper, used to do!

Nowadays, our computers can crunch numbers faster and more accurately, rendering the need for human-based computing a thing of the past.

Human Computer

Back in the day, ice cutters were the heroes who provided ice for refrigeration before electric fridges became common. They would carve massive ice blocks from frozen lakes and transport them for storage.

Ice Cutter

Telegraphists were the heroes of long-distance communication before the telephone came along and revolutionized everything.


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