5 “Smarty-Pants” Life Hacks That Will Change Almost Anyone’s Life For the Better


How do we manage this thing we call life on this planet we call Earth? A curious inhabitant asks, “What is a life hack you think everybody should know?”

Here are 5 life hacks that will help almost anyone.

The batteries in my Wii were corroded, but I didn’t have a car or a way to get new batteries. I researched some tips to clean the batteries and prolong their life span when I stumbled upon the vinegar method. Take a Q-tip, dab it in a few drops of vinegar, and wipe away the corrosion. It works.

Vinegar for Battery Corrosion

The basis of improvisation is saying yes, and. Since we improvise daily, a great life hack is saying yes rather than but. The word but has a negative connotation and may be misconstrued as a defense tactic. Saying ‘and’ opens the conversation and creates a more positive atmosphere.

No Buts

Positive Internal Monologue

If you fail a test, don’t say, “I’m stupid because I don’t understand Calculus.” Say, “This subject is difficult. I’ll study more for the next test or ask for extra help.”

Wear a Jacket to Bed 

An interesting way to combat the urge to stay in bed when it’s cold out is to wear a jacket to sleep. earing a jacket ensures you’ll be warm when you wake up and have less desire to stay in bed, making it easier to acclimate to the day.

Always carry an emergency contact card on you, even when with your best friends. Write an emergency contact, your blood type, any medical conditions, and allergie

Emergency Card

On the drive home, you notice a car following you closely, seeming to drive in the same direction as you. To check if they are indeed following you, make four right turns, creating a square, and notice if they’re still behind you.

Four Right Turns

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