10 “Smarty-Pants” Life Hacks That Will Change Almost Anyone’s Life For the Better

How do we manage this thing we call life on this planet we call Earth?

A curious inhabitant asks, “What is a life hack you think everybody should know?” Here are ten life hacks that will help almost anyone.

When you wake up, allow at least five minutes out of your morning to stretch. Pay attention to any pain or soreness, and make sure to ease tension through extensions and exercises.


Maybe you say I’m sorry when you don’t need to. One user shares their favorite life hack is switching out the phrase “I’m sorry” for “thank you.”

Switch “I’m Sorry” for “Thank You”

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something, you can say no. If you overbooked yourself, you can say no. If you don’t have any social battery left, you can say… You get the idea.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Instead of checking your phone when you wake up and before you sleep, keep it off for a day and reconnect with nature. 


Take a Q-tip, dab it in a few drops of vinegar, and wipe away the corrosion. It works.  

Vinegar for Battery Corrosion

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