6 Things Everyone Had in the 70s and 80s – That Are Now Considered Luxuries


Have you ever heard your dad go on a tirade about how things were so much better back in his day? You probably laughed and told him he was out of touch, but if you think about it, he might have had a point.

The truth is, every generation thinks the way they did it was the best. And maybe they were right about a few things. If you ask people from the ’70s and ’80s what were the best parts of those decades, they might give you these answers. How many of these outdated trends do you wish were still around today?

With the rise of the modern grocery store, consumers no longer have to make multiple stops for their groceries. As a result, these mom-and-pop butcher shops have fallen by the wayside.

Local Butchers and Bakeries

In the past decade, rental prices have skyrocketed, with some monthly rental fees costing more than some mortgages. The rising demand for housing and urbanization have led to renters needing help to pay their bills after the first of the month.

Affordable Apartments and Rentals

Furniture Made From Real Wood

If they haven’t re-decorated in the past 40 years, odds are their furniture is made of solid wood. That was how furniture was made back in the day, and it was still affordable. If you want a real wood dresser today, you’ll have to spend a fortune.

A flight on a plane used to include free meals, free checked bags, extra legroom, and top-notch service. Today, we’re jammed into the cabin like sardines, have to pay for the slightest convenience, and deal with constant delays, all while paying a premium price.

Affordable Air Travel

There is a saying that goes, “They don’t make them like they used to.” That might be the most accurate statement about older home appliances. My grandpa has a refrigerator from the early 1980s that still works just as well as it did when he bought it.

Durable Home Appliances

Taking the family out to a baseball game was a fun way to spend the weekend. A family of four could get some hot dogs, sodas, and souvenirs and catch a game without breaking the bank.

Attending a Sporting Event

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