15 Things Only Gen-X Will Truly Understand


If you’re a member of Generation X like I am, it’s easy to wax nostalgic about how life was when we were growing up. It’s also a lot of fun because some aspects of pop culture are exclusive to the Gen X experience.

An online question-and-answer community asked users to define the most significant things that forever identify Gen X, and this list took me down memory lane.

These brightly colored watches and the optional rubber guards that protected the watch face from scratches were the must-have accessories in the mid-to-late 1980s.

Swatch Watches

Saving your quarters to play video games at the neighborhood arcade – usually located inside a shopping mall – was the thing to do, says another responder on the thread, especially if you didn’t have an expensive Atari system at home.


A music fan in the online community describes their “massive CD collection neatly stored in binders for easy access.” Remember the album cover booklets from the plastic CD cases?

Compact Discs

Every member of Generation X recalls the time when televisions didn’t have remote controls, one contributor opines. If anyone wanted to change the channel, they had to get up, walk to the tv and turn the channel knob manually.

Console Televisions

For one user, this was great because they could be gone for hours, and no one, not even their parents, knew where they were or how to reach them.

No Cell Phones

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