Best Paid Focus Groups 2023

Businesses and companies want to improve their products and services through data driven discussions which must be conducted by genuine people (like yourself who might be one of their potential customers).

For that purpose, they’re linked with certain research companies. (Websites/apps in our case) These research companies engage their audience/users to do focused group discussion about a product of their interest.

They do so as they get paid by the business owners. And they’ll pay you as well, if you’re part of any group they’ve published on their website. So, you get the money for talking about anything you’re interested in.

User Interviews

You can get into discussions about anything such as tech, food, family, software, transportation, beauty, social media or anything you can name, UserInterview will have a space for your interest.

This website can give you an opportunity to join a focus group from anywhere around the US. Studies are scheduled over webcam or phone call, but you have to pass a “screener” survey initially.


This is yet another amazing website which offers focus groups for people all around the globe. You don’t have to be specifically from the US.

Survey Junkie

As soon as you’re up for joining research studies, you can make anything from $50 to $150 depending on the category of that focus group.

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