12 Part-Time Weekend Jobs Almost Anyone Can Do to Earn Extra Cash

Since it looks like inflation is here to stay for a while, many people are looking for gigs to make ends meet or extra spending money. A part-time job is nice, but a part-time job that pays well is even better.

If you’re looking for a weekend side hustle to supplement your income, here are some examples of the better-paying part time weekend jobs that are available.

One of the newer side jobs in the job market, social media specialists can earn more than $27 an hour by promoting an organization’s brand across social media platforms.

Social Media Specialist

Providing supplemental education to students of all ages, grade levels, and academic subjects, and standardized test preparation pays $20 an hour on average.


Whether they train clients at a gym or work freelance, fitness trainers can adjust their rates based on the type of the fitness regimen offered.

Fitness Trainer

Taking groups of visitors to local tourist attractions and providing them with background and historical information about the sites is a great way to spend a weekend and earn money.

Tour Guide

Can you spot grammatical errors from a mile away? Are you an avid wordsmith? On average, those skills can earn you more than $22 an hour working as a proofreader.


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