6 Personal Finance Metrics You Can’t Afford Not to Track

Everyone wants to achieve financial success, but how do you know which personal finance metrics to track?

You need a step-by-step plan to get there, incremental goals to achieve and metrics to track to see if you’re making progress.

If you want to be more purposeful in achieving financial success, these are the financial metrics you need to pay attention to.

Personal Finance Metric #1: Income

We’ll start out with the most basic personal finance metric that you probably already know. How much money are you bringing in every month?

Personal Finance Metric #1: Income

Your income determines how much you have to spend and save. Obviously the higher your income, the faster you can achieve your goals.

Personal Finance Metric #2: Expenses

One of the easiest ways to decrease your expenses is just to start tracking them and see where your money is going.

Personal Finance Metric #3: Savings Rate

If you’re already tracking your income and expenses, your savings rate is easy to measure.

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