6 “Poverty Hacks” Only People Who Grew Up Poor Would Understand


What’s the wildest thing you’ve done to save money while broke? After reading through some of the responses to this question, my heart hurt a little.

My mind went to top ramen for lunch and dinner, but I was wrong. Someone admitted to mixing ketchup packets with boiling water to make soup. Here are what others said. 

An unfortunate number of people knew what a poor man’s dinner was: to go to bed. It’s sadly the number-one-voted response. Additionally, someone suggested, “Taking a deep breath for lunch was my go-to.”

Poor Man’s Dinner

They clarified, “Pretty sure I was drinking lead and rust.”

Drinking Unfiltered Tap Water

A renter explained they had a 500-square-foot apartment that they heated with a gas stove because the gas was included in their rent. DO NOT DO THIS!

Using a Gas Stove to Heat Apartment

One man confessed that he rented a room to his friend and then slept in a solo bedroom with his wife and three children to save money while they were broke.

One Bedroom For the Whole Family

One explained they used their computer but nothing else to light their room and provide entertainment while never tuning anything else on.

Living In Darkness

One man explained that he discovered how to make bacon grease candles for light after having his electricity turned off.

Bacon Grease Candles

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