7 Proven Steps to Get Your Life Together Financially 

With no disrespect to Buzzfeed and their 27 simple ways to get your life together, memes are not going to pay the bills.

Here is the ultimate guide to financially getting your life together. (Finally.)

Grab a notebook or some paper, gather up all your monthly bills, and write down how much you spend each month.


I want you to focus on the items you might be overpaying for that don’t bring you any joy. Most households waste money without even realizing it. 

Trim the Budget

While the goal should be to freedom from debt and only use cash until you can eliminate debt, you need to be wise about debt.

Refinance for Better Rate

If you want to get out of debt and stay out of debt, you need a real financial disaster survival plan that ensures that the first bump in the road doesn’t send you back into debt.

Become Bazooka Proof

Skipping saving for retirement to pay down debt is potentially a  huge mistake.

Don’t Skip Saving for Retirement to Pay Debt

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