What Is a Real Estate Wholesaler?

In the single-family residential market, you have undoubtedly heard of wholesaling. 

When just starting, you may look into single-family rentals, the BRRRR Method, multifamily rentals, and commercial real estate.

It's a nickname used to describe a type of real estate investing or transaction where the investor buys and sells an interest in the property without holding it.

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

Wholesalers typically use a double close or an assignment of the contract to sell the property.

Assignment Vs. Double Close

Wholesaling is a short-term strategy that an investor can realize benefits from quickly.

Benefits to Wholesaling

By selling the properties without holding them, wholesalers short-circuit one of the best ways to build wealth in real estate.

Negatives of Wholesaling

At the minimum level, the only requirement is to get out to potential sellers and get the property under contract.

Skills Required for Wholesaling

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