Retirement Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

Retirement mistakes abound, whether due to bad advice, improper  planning, or just misconceptions about what retirement truly is for.

Here are some of the biggest retirement mistakes that people are making, according to financial experts.

Save the 401k loans for true emergencies and then only when you’re certain you can pay it back.

Treating Your 401(k) Like a Credit Card

Maybe you will stay healthy, but having a backup plan for if things go south can help prevent unnecessary pain and stress.

Not Planning for Health Complication

If you are not contributing enough to your 401(k) to receive the match, you are just giving up free money.

Passing Up Free Money in the Form of an Employer Match

The biggest retirement mistake I see is people not considering all the non-financial aspects of retirement.

Thinking Retirement Planning is Just for Your Finance

A regrettable mistake I witness people make is raiding their retirement accounts to pay for their kids’ college expenses.

Using Retirement Money to Pay for Your Kids’ College

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