Top 10 Ridiculously Overpriced Items We Still Buy

Because Society Gives Us No Choice

In today’s consumer-driven society, some products are so overpriced that it’s hard to understand why people still buy them.

After someone asked Reddit, What is so ridiculously overpriced, yet you still purchase? These are the top-voted confessions.

One confessed that they have a closing on their house tomorrow and received criticism for buying it during an expensive time.


However, they said that their mortgage, including insurance and property taxes, would be almost $400 cheaper than their current rent and would go up by over $100 if they chose to renew their lease in February.

They mentioned that they don’t drink anymore, but where they live, a six-pack of local craft beer used to cost $10 for something basic like a pale ale, but now the minimum price is $13-$14.


Admittedly, you can’t stop buying food. But many people commented how grocery prices are ridiculously overprices.


Many try to eat before they go and resist the urge to buy beer, but sometimes seeing others enjoying their food and drinks makes them indulge too.

Sporting Events Concessions

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