30 Day Money Saving Challenge [2024 Update]: Save $1,000 in a Month!


Want to know the cure for insomnia? Try listening to someone talk about budgeting and saving money for more than 5 minutes. It’s also a great way to get people to avoid you at parties (ask me how I know).

The goal of this money saving challenge is to save $1,000 in 30 days. If that seems like a lot, stay with me. This isn’t the “save $12,000 in a year” challenge for a reason. There are a ton of things you can do in the short term to supercharge your savings that you might not be able to do forever.

30 Day Money Challenge – Save $1,000 in a Month

If writing stuff down and coloring in boxes to track your progress is your thing (you know you got into the adult coloring book craze), you can click below to download the free printable to go along with the 30 day money saving challenge.

Step 1. Download the Free Money Saving Challenge Printable

Step 2.  Write Down Your Goal

Part of the psychology of the money challenge that will help you be successful is to actually write it down. This helps you 1) remember it and 2) own the goal. So on the first line, where it says “Money Saving Challenge Goal”, you can write in save $1000 in the next 30 days (or some form of that).

Step 3.  Define Your “Why”

It’s in those moments that writing down a goal (“follow the Whole 30 diet for a month”) is not enough. The only thing that will stop you from giving in to temptation in moments of weakness is the why behind the goal. The deeper and more emotional the goal, the better.

Spend some time really thinking about the why behind your money saving challenge goal. Maybe you want to save for a family vacation, or contribute to a 529 plan for your daughter’s college education, or set up an emergency fund. Whatever it is, try to think a little deeper than the surface level.

Pick several of those that apply to you, along with any other ideas you have, and write them on your Money Savings Challenge worksheet.

Step 4.  Write Down Your Money Saving Plan

Start going down the list of ways to save money, and color in those boxes to track your progress!

Step 5. Start Saving Money!

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