Consider These 13 Stocks To Recession-Proof Your Portfolio

With much loss of jobs, people go to buying much cheaper things. So the industries that will do well are more affordable retail markets that sell consumer staples or even those discount retailers.

DIY projects are something that starts to get done more often. People realize with money tight. It is easier for them to save by doing home improvement projects themselves. So people start shopping at home repair shops and DIY places like Lowes.

The emergence of e-commerce has helped many industries thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic, with is something to consider with companies.

With these industries in mind, here is a list of 13 recession-proof stocks that will keep going.

When a recession hits, Walmart tends to do better. This is because their prices are low and therefore people would prefer to shop there.

Walmart (WMT)

Target is that more excellent version of Walmart. The staff is kind, the prices are reasonable, and you have a better feeling of shopping here.

Target (TGT)

During the pandemic, one item that took off was cocktail mixers. As people were stuck at home, they no longer could go to bars. So the cocktail mixers sold by Pepsi Co. rose by 36% in 2020 alone.

Pepsi Co. (PEP)

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