Semi-Retirement: The Surprising Benefits of the Path Less Followed

Retirement. Early retirement. Semi-retirement. Are these all just pie in the sky dreams?

I asked my friend Mr. SR from Semi-Retire Plan to tell us about the  difference between FIRE and semi-retirement, and why it might be a  better option for you.

If you can save aggressively for retirement, you can completely retire at a much younger age.

Why is FIRE “Sexy”?

The Downside of FIRE

Any polarizing movement will face some resistance. I don’t consider myself an opponent of FIRE, but I do think there are some negatives.

Work itself may not be the problem. You may just want to work less doing something different that you actually care about.

Semi-Retirement: The FIRE Alternative

By doing a job you enjoy for a few hours each week during a semi-retirement phase, you will earn an income.

Savings rate (and income)

FIRE and semi-retirement start out the same way — saving intentionally while working full-time. But there can be a major difference in the level of intensity.

Intensity vs. Flexibility 

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