The 10 Cheapest States to Live In the U.S. in 2022

With many companies embracing remote work even in the post-pandemic era, more and more Americans have the option to reconsider where they live.

If you want to stretch your dollar further, why not consider some of the cheapest states to live in the U.S.?

Indiana has a rich sporting history with a professional football and  basketball team and is also known for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


With many people drawn to its natural beauty, tourism contributes a significant amount to West Virginia’s total GDP.

West Virginia

While often viewed as an agricultural state, Iowa has a diversified  economy across manufacturing, biotechnology, and financial services.


Its cost of living is 10% under the national average while still  offering a diverse culture and multiple population centers, including St. Louis and Kansas City.


Tennessee is famous for its influence on country, soul, and gospel music, and the state also has many colleges and universities.


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