The Best Free Debit Cards  for Kids

Giving your child a debit card can be an excellent way to teach them about money and budgeting early  in life.

Any step you can take to help promote financial literacy early can go a long way.

However, not all debit cards for kids are created equal.

It’s important to understand your options before choosing which debit card to get your kid.

So, we compiled a list of some of the best debit cards for kids you should consider.

What Debit Cards Can Teach Kids About Money

By allotting them a predefined amount of money, you put the power in their hands to decide how they want to spend their cash.

they have to look at each item’s price and decide what’s worth it and what’s not, just like the rest of us.

Rather than saying they can purchase one toy when at the store or one candy bar when at the grocer,

What Defines a Kid Debit Card

Before diving into the list of the best kids’ debit cards, I wanted to define what a kid’s debit card is to me.

Generally, I think it must comply with three rules:

1. A kid must be able to use the card on their own

2. The card must be accepted at most retailers and online

3. There must be  parental controls

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