10 Things That Were Once Great That Have Been Lost Forever

The Decay of Our Society:

Unsurprisingly, many miss the old times regardless of the opportunities and comfort of modern times.

While not everything about history is sunshine and rainbows, an online community shares the aspects they thought were far better from the past.

Someone recounts the ease of playing on the street as a child. You could be out all day with other kids in the neighborhood without making your parents worry.

Outdoor Playtime

Many services we now have to pay for were free at the time. For instance, there were no fees to be at the beach or no parking fees.

Not Paying To Be at the Beach

Another user talks about the decline in communication since the advent of cell phones. Ironically, we have more communication methods, but we’re actually talking less!

Communication: Fewer Phones, More Conversations

Academic pressure was low, which meant kids could enjoy other activities outside of school. But nowadays, kids are expected to be little geniuses by the age of five!

Experiencing Childhood

As a user highlights, material belongings were less common back in the day. Parents would rarely buy things for their children.

No Over-Consumption: Cherishing Little Joys

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