The Most Expensive Housing Market in the U.S.

The real estate market is beginning to show signs of cooling off, but  the data shows some cities have a long way to go before the average  person can afford a home.

The following list of cities exceeds that percentage by a wide  margin, indicating that the housing affordability crisis is still in  full swing.  

While median home prices topped an astronomical $1 million, the high  median income in the area means things are a bit more affordable for the  average homebuyer.

San Jose, CA

Median incomes are high, but so are home prices, making it one of the least affordable cities for homeownership.

Irvine, CA

While Jersey City has a lower median home price than the previous two  cities at $650,000, median household income is also much lower.

Jersey City, NJ

Boston’s median home price of $775,000 makes it hard to afford a home in this city with an average income just under $80,000.

Boston, MA

While Oakland has more affordable housing than nearby San Francisco, median incomes are also lower.

Oakland, CA

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