10 Cranky “Boomer” Opinions Even Millennials Can’t Disagree With

Baby boomers get a bad rap in mainstream culture, often regarded as aging kooks who frequently yell at America’s youth to get off their lawns. However, as much as millennials and Gen Zers refuse to admit it, boomers are right about many things.

People of all ages recently met in an online forum to discuss this topic, and what was shared may surprise you!

“You’re missing the moment and will never look at the video again.” Amen to that; people have to remember to live in the moment!

Stop Recording Fireworks

Sometimes simpler is better with many things, kitchen appliances being just one example. “Why would I want a toaster that has to connect to the internet?” laments one baby boomer.

Connected Appliances Are Stupid

Just give me a paper menu that I can use as a gigantic placemat for my entire meal, and let me drink my $9 beer in peace, please. 

Paper Menus Are Better Than QR Code Menus

People used to live in a period when watches kept track of time, nothing more, nothing less – with no chance of spying on you. That does sound nice, doesn’t it?

A Watch Should Be a Watch

Boomers nailed this one – it shouldn’t be a lesson in patience to ask a simple question to a living, breathing customer service representative. 

Automated Customer Service Is the Worst

From people chatting away on their cell phones in public to gymgoers playing music so loud you can hear it even though they’re wearing headphones, and people broadcasting their lives on the internet daily, boomers are right on the mark here. 

People Are Too Loud

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