10 Surprising Things You Should NEVER Cheap Out On

‘Built to Last’:

Finding things built to last is a rewarding vindication of money well spent, especially with today’s quick electronic turnover and fast fashion.

Recently, a man took to the internet to explain he was finally making decent money and ready to invest in things built to last. So here are the best recommendations.

The number-one-voted response is investing in anything that protects you from the ground, including good shoes, tires, and a quality mattress.

Anything Between You and the Ground

Everyone should have, at minimum, a collection of measuring tape, screwdrivers, a hammer, sockets, a stud finder, and a cordless drill. Then, add to them as you become more sure of yourself.

Quality Basic Tool Set

Many people in the thread suggested investing in well-made cast iron cookware, noting that it will last generations if cared for properly.

Cast Iron Cookware

A top-grain belt may only cost half the price of genuine leather but will outlast it by a mile in wear and tear. They alleged it’s the difference between lasting ten years versus a hundred.

Top-Grain or Full-Grain Leather

Several users stated that an Olympic weight set with a sturdy bench and squat rack is a wise investment. One clarified that they should have done this earlier.

Olympic Weight Set and Bench

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