‘Older Generation’ Shares 10 Things Millennials and Gen Z Will Never Understand

Society has changed dramatically over the past several decades. The youngest generation doesn’t even remember a time before smartphones.

Recently, the older generations shared their thoughts on things today’s youth would never understand, and their comments were eye-opening, to say the least.

One person said, “calling the movie theater to hear the recording with the movie times on it.” Before the internet, getting information required actually picking up the phone.

Calling the Movie Theater

One person reminisced about waiting patiently for your favorite song to come on the radio and being ready to hit ‘record’ as soon as it started.

Recording Your Favorite Songs from the Radio

Before everyone had a cell phone in their pocket, “people could not always get ahold of you, and it was a good thing.”

People Were Not Reachable 24/7

Remember when you had to make sure you were home at just the right time to watch your favorite TV show? They youngest generation has no concept of a world without streaming on demand.

Clearing Your Calendar to Watch a TV Show

If you needed to write a school research paper, you had to go to an actual library, shuffle through the card catalog, and find a book on the subject.

Encyclopedias and Card Catalogs

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