12 Things We Refuse To Spend Money on No Matter What

“Why Would You Buy Something You Throw Away?”

What things do you always refuse to spend money on regardless of desire? I’ll go first. I cannot justify spending hundreds of dollars every few weeks to get fake nails on my fingers and maintained.

I understand why women want their nails kept, but that is way too much money and time, for that matter. After someone polled the men of Reddit asking what they refused to spend cash on, here are the top-voted responses.

Wait? Is anyone still paying for cable in 2023? One man shared that it’s been over thirty-five years since he has paid for television. “Of course, I still buy hardware to get TV, but I am not paying The Man.”

Cable Televisions

Many men do not understand why people buy coffee out when they can make their own at home. One suggested maybe he’s uncultured, but he has never found Starbucks or any other coffee significantly better than a drip coffee at home.

Starbucks Coffee

Food delivery apps, including Uber Eats and Door Dash, aren’t getting a free pass with this group of men. However, several suggested that if the restaurant has a delivery service, they consider it.

Food Delivery Services

One man explained that he refused to buy trash bags when he was ultra-cheap. Money was tight, so he was brutally honest with how he spent his money.

Trash Bags

One clarified, “Fifty bucks for a shirt with a horsey on it? Nope, same shirt at Walmart for ten bucks. Twenty-dollar laundry soap? No thanks, five-dollar store brand works just fine.”

Premium Products

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