10 Things We’ll NEVER Buy

Even Though Most Americans Can’t Resist The Temptation

From designer clothes to fancy gadgets, the list of something new asking to be spent on never gets exhausted. It is the feature of a consumer-driven society.

But while most of all fall prey to these temptations, there are some things a few everyday people say they will never spend a dollar on.

The following items are their interesting picks.

Every year, iPhone releases its signage device with new mindblowing tech, usually novel to the phone ecosystem.

Latest iPhone

But someone thinks it’s just a way of enriching the phone company while fleecing customers who are made to feel like it isn’t trendy if it isn’t the latest.

Not everyone is fascinated with acrylic and colors. According to one user, “It’s weird how some people have a sword on their fingertips.”

Fake Nails

While owning a luxury car is a symbol of status and success, several users say they would instead settle for efficiency that gets them from point A to B in the place of glorified four-wheelers with astronomical prices.

Luxury Car

It could be your lucky day, right? These forum contributors disagree. One person says lottery ticket is a scam and aims only to enrich the betting company.

Lottery Ticket

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