10 Things Women Admit Are a Complete Waste of Money

What do you think is a waste of money? I’ll go first. Diamonds.

I’m not saying they aren’t beautiful. But they aren’t rare and unique, as advertised, and the means of getting them are often unethical.

Nonetheless, this isn’t about my opinions; it’s about yours. After someone polled the internet, they suggested these ten things are money wasters.

Fake Nails and Eyelashes

One admitted, “I love my fake nails, but getting them done at a salon every two-to-three weeks is a waste of money."

“Don’t let MLM sellers convince you that the products are good. If the products were good, they wouldn’t result in scamming consumers to sell them."

Multi-Level Marketing Products (MLMs)

One admitted, “So expensive! I rarely order, but I do it when I am wiped out, and then I am mad at myself for the expense.”

Fast Food and Take Out

Coffins were nominated as an entire waste of money. Many suggested that prolonging with embalming was ridiculous before someone said it costs nothing to donate your body to science.


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