This Is How I Went from Crisis to Quadrupling Profit

Unfortunately, I started the business on a shoestring budget, and by my sixth month in business, I was down to my last few hundred dollars, literally days from closing the doors.

Fast-forward many years later (October 2017 to be exact) and I had  successfully closed on the largest transaction of my life when I sold my 50-employee business to private equity.

What I know now is that one of the keys to building a successful is how well the business owner can get out of the way and successfully manage and lead the business’s team.

Management Lessons Learned

I came to realize that sales had been more or less stagnant for the prior few years because I was getting in the way too often.

The Truth Hurts

The principle says that people will expand into their roles, up to the point where they reach their ceiling.

What is the Peter Principle?

We spent money and time on making sure everyone in the business was getting formal training.

The Vision

When you’re busy running your day, we often don’t stop to consider that maybe we’re the reason why our  business isn’t succeeding or why we’re constantly passed over for  promotion.

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