This is How to Do Bargain Shopping While Traveling Abroad

The whole point of shopping abroad is to get authentic items, locally made and sourced, that the locals themselves buy.

In this case, you should also pay the same as the locals and get the same deals.

When I speak of “bargaining” I mean “haggling”. This means that you don’t have to, nor should you, pay the price you are given.

What Does Bargain Shopping Entail?

The key phrases here are, “where are the popular local markets?”, “which  markets are best for souvenirs?”, and “which markets will allow me to  bargain?”.

Ask the locals where they go

Don’t act too interested. If shop owners know you really like something, they’ll be less willing to negotiate down on price.

Be nonchalant

A good place to start is at half of what they ask, and don’t be afraid of offending them. Think of how offended you are that they are overcharging you!

Know where to start your haggling

Many shop owners will be more willing to bargain if you tell them you’re buying more than one item.

Bundle items for a better deal

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