How to Save Money on Self-Care

Many of us suffer from something called imposter syndrome. How do we overcome imposter syndrome? What kind of process will help? 

I have good news! That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s post.  It’s all about self-care. Self-care, self-love, mindfulness, time  alone, these things all go hand-in-hand.

A facemask packet at a drug store will cost anywhere from 1-5 dollars  depending on the mask. Nail polish is the same depending on the size of  the bottle and the brand.

Spa Day at Home

Girl time is free and can be done over the phone, via text, via  email, or in person. My preference is to have girl time in person with a  glass, or bottle, of wine.

Girl Time

The total cost of going outside or exercising at home – free. Day passes at the gym: ~$10. Only join if you know you’ll use it!

Physical Activities

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to read a book. Incorporating reading into your daily routine does not have to be complicated, difficult, or expensive.

Escaping Reality

Giving yourself a getaway is the epitome of self-care, especially if you can take a solo trip.

Budget Traveling

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