10 Best Short Term Investments Right Now

Are short-term investments profitable? Short-term investments are a great way to make money.

On the next slides, we’ll discuss more than ten options that may be perfect for you!

An online savings account can be a good option, especially under the year mark. They are low-risk and low reward options.

Online Savings Account

We have discussed savings accounts but make sure you compare all different options before deciding on a savings account.

High Yield Savings Account

Money market accounts are a short-term investment with the same risk as  an online savings account but usually has higher interest rates.

Money Market Account

This short-term investment can be a great option depending on the amount of money you have for short-term investments.

Cash Management Account

A short-term bond fund is a short-term investment assuming that you want to invest in the short term until you need it.

Short-Term Bond Funds

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