Top 100 College Majors That Earn the Most Money

Students must decide to study something that challenges and interests them while balancing the hard realities of the job market and outlook on career paths.

Keep reading to find out if your major made the list of college majors that earn the most money.

Electronics engineering focuses on the design and development of electronic devices, including phones, music players, and GPS systems.

Electronics Engineering

It is the role of an information systems manager to make data accessible and actionable through technology.

Management Information Systems

International sales manager, retail buyer, and regional sales director are a few career choices for those who study the purchase and transport of goods.

Industrial Distribution

Asian studies majors explore the history, economy, culture, and politics of the continent of Asia.

Asian Studies

Considered a specialty within civil engineering, majors in this field concentrate on the design and structure of buildings, bridges, and roadways.

Structural Engineering

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