11 Common Money Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Congratulations! You graduated from college and landed your first job! It’s an exciting and scary new chapter all rolled in one.

We have assembled a list of blunders to steer you towards a financially fit future.

A regret I share with many people is not investing earlier. The best time to start investing is now, even in small increments.

Delaying Investing

It can take years and effort to build credit on your own and earn a good  score. Good financial habits matter and can help the process along.

Ignoring Your Credit Score

Credit cards can be beneficial but can tempt college students and recent graduates beyond your means.

Racking up Credit Card Debt

Ensure you check the monthly premiums and deductibles to truly understand the cost and your new healthcare coverage details.

Skipping Health Insurance

The best time to start contributing to retirement is now, especially if  your company is giving you free money for your retirement account.

Turning Down Free Retirement Money

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