12 Ways to Save Money on a Rental Car

Planning a vacation or trip can be a fun anticipatory experience. Planning the transportation for the trip can take the wind out of your sails, though.

Maybe you are trying to decide between getting a cheap rental car and picking something a bit more fun. Read on to learn a few tips on how to save money on a rental car.

Sites like Kayak and Expedia can help you search multiple car rental options at once. Aggregation sites are an excellent place to get started.

Check Aggregator Sites

After checking the aggregator sites, it is good to check the rate directly on the rental companies website.

Check the Direct Sites

When comparing multiple sources, remember to compare rentals with all the fees.

Don’t Forget About the Fee

Economy cars are the lowest rate available in a car rental.  Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to be completely booked.

Book Economy

Often SUVs are the most expensive option for the same relative specs.  For instance, many SUVs might be the same size as a mid-sized sedan or a  full-sized vehicle.

Consider Alternative Car Classes

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