21 Surprising Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a House

Your first (or even fifth) house purchase is a huge decision. It  seems like there are a million things you need to know before buying a house.

In order to help you with your home-buying checklist, I interviewed 21  different experts on the top thing they wish they knew before buying their first house.

A good home inspection will cost you several hundred dollars.

Hire a Home Inspector

The cost of a home is far more than the purchase price. I wish I  would have taken into account how expensive everything else is when  budgeting for my first home.

Keep the Hidden Costs in Mind

Keep in mind it’s customary to charge a daily pro-rated portion of your PITI payment (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance), not the market  rate.

Renting Back Isn’t Always at Market Rate

If you’re buying a house while living alone, it’s easy to offset your  mortgage by renting a room or your entire house on Airbnb during major events.

Be a Stay at Home Landlord

Most of us want to fix everything quickly, but fail to realize how much even the smallest of updates can be.

Home Improvement is Expensive

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