Top 5 Reasons the Housing Market Won’t Crash

Real estate prices have never been higher, and there are no signs of them slowing down soon.

While the stock market and other asset classes, such as precious metals,  have collapsed, housing market prices keep defying gravity.

Like any commodity, such as oil, house buyers bid up prices because of a lack of available products.

Stockpiles Have Dropped to Historic Lows

Builders can no longer buy land and rapidly secure regulatory permissions to satisfy demand.

Builders Are Unable to Meet Demand Quickly Enough

The average 30-year loan rate was recently 3.22%. Low-interest rates give homebuyers more sway in the market.

Near-Historic Low Mortgage Rates Are Still In Place

Lenders made mortgages available to anyone, independent of payment history or lump sum payment size.

The Criteria For Lending Remain Stringent

Existing residences account for most of the market, although the number of available units is also decreasing.

Fewer People Are Selling

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