6 Tips to Save Money on an Engagement Ring

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely found the person you want to  spend the rest of your life with. Perhaps you’re considering popping the  question to your partner soon.

We cover how much you should spend on an engagement ring, how to save up  to pay for the ring, creative ways to reduce the cost if budget is an  issue, and determining the best style.

Engagement rings have become synonymous with diamonds, thanks to a popular ad campaign from De Beers in the 1940s: “A Diamond is Forever.”

Why Do Engagement Rings Cost so Much?

Select a Low Clarity Stones

Internal inclusions and imperfections are usually untraceable with the naked eye and could only be seen under a microscope.

If diamonds are too spendy for you, perhaps you’d instead consider a  diamond alternative such as Moissanite, which is made from silicon  carbide crystal.

Choose a Diamond Alternative

Lab-grown diamonds will save you 30% or more when compared with naturally mined diamonds with similar specifications.

Consider a Lab-Grown Diamond

Whether you’re close to popping the question or just starting to save up  for your sparkler, we hope this has given you some great insights and ideas into buying an engagement ring.

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