9 Ways to Make Money Selling Photos Online

This will give you the rundown on how to: 1. Sell your photos online. 2. What websites to sell your photos too. 3. How to make the most money selling your photo.

High-quality photos are in demand, and if you know how to take some  solid pictures, you can easily make some serious money selling your photos online.

– A decent camera with multiple lens – The right photo editing software – Yourself, i.e., reading up and researching on photography

To start selling photos online, make sure you first invest in:

Sites Where You Can Sell Your Photos Online

– SmugMug Pro – Shutterstock – Etsy – iStockphoto – Adobe – Alamy Stock – 500px Prime – PhotoShelter – Bonus: Fotomoto

Just always ask yourself what the “Buyer” wants and what is in high  demand if you’re going to sell tons of photos and make money in the  process!

Sell photos people want to buy

Consider reaching out to: – Real estate agent – Small business owners like painters or plumber – Bloggers in different niche – Anyone who owns an online company

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes

Combined with a passion for photography, taking pride in your work, and photo editing, you might be able to turn a part-time job like freelance photography into a full-time gig!

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